Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #9 – Raghee Horner, Dr. Tom Voitas, Dan Hodgman & Dani Sittloh

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In This Episode:

Anthony & Raghee discuss the importance of keeping your Strategy simple & why she chooses Trend Following.

Raghee explains how one of her Trend Following trades set up using her GRaB Candle Indicator.  She tells us how she is currently positioned in 30 YR Bonds, Gold, the Dollar & XLU.   

Dan Hodgman joins Anthony to chat about some Lessons in Execution & Trading Markets during Holiday weeks.  

Dani & Anthony discuss alerts in Wheat & Soybeans and they explain how they are using Wazzabull alerts in their trading.

Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Tom Voitas joins Anthony & Raghee to discuss the importance of traders having self-awareness.   




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