About Anthony

Anthony Crudele is a seasoned Futures trader with 25+ years of experience. His journey began in 1995 as a runner at Lyn Waldock, marking the initiation of his experience in the financial markets. From there, he took on various roles, eventually becoming one of the youngest members on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), holding multiple seats and actively participating in the early stages of electronic trading. Crudele’s 23-year membership at the CME solidified his passion for the industry.

Beyond his trading career, Crudele has made a significant impact on the Futures industry as the founder of “Futures Radio Show” in 2014, the first Futures podcast. Over the past decade, the podcast has offered valuable insights through interviews with industry experts.

Crudele’s trading style evolved from scalping to a hybrid approach, emphasizing execution, market environment analysis, and knowing when to trade big, small or not at all. His Beacon indicator, born out of personal trading challenges, serves as a mean reversion tool, aiding traders in navigating market dynamics and avoiding trades against prevailing momentum.


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