Trading Futures with Anthony Crudele #8 – Larry Williams, Dani Sittloh, Dan Hodgman and Kate Lemere

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In This Episode:

Anthony & Larry discuss keys to a long career in Trading & why Larry uses Market Cycles & Commitment of Traders.

Larry tells us how he’s currently Trading Corn, Cattle, Crude Oil, Gold & E-mini S&P using Market Cycles & Commitment of Traders (COT).

Dan Hodgman joins Anthony to chat about Lessons in Execution.  Trend is your friend, know your out & let your winners run.

Dani & Anthony discuss how this week’s Wazzabull alerts in the E-mini S&P & E-mini Nasdaq gave day traders an edge. 

Barry’s Bootcamp & Nike Master Trainer, Kate Lemere joins Anthony & Larry to explain how traders can create motivation through discipline.

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