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Trading from Zero: The Blueprint for Beginners | Learn VWAP, Cumulative Delta, and More

Imagine resetting the clock to the age of 18 in the year 2023, retaining all your hard-earned trading wisdom. Join me in this video as I guide you through rebuilding your trading venture from the ground up. Discover how I’d harness tools like VWAP, cumulative delta, and the 3-minute opening range to pave the path to success if I had to start from zero and do it all over again.

🔥 Whether you’re a novice in the trading realm or seeking to reinforce your foundational knowledge, this video is tailored for you. I unveil the blueprint I’d follow if I were starting from square one. From creating a trading account and optimizing account size to mastering risk management, I cover it all.

🚀 Delve into the core of my market strategy that’s propelled me forward. Remember, trading is a journey of oneself. That’s why I open up about my past experiences and crucial lessons from mistakes that have culminated in the creation of this fresh approach I’m excited to share.

💡 Uncover the pivotal teaching moments that have molded me into the trader I am today, and join me as I walk you through what I would do if I had to start from zero.

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