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How I’m Analyzing NQ & What To Look For Nasdaq Trading!

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In this video, we discuss specific day trading strategies for the Nasdaq 100 (NQ). We focus on a possible short position if the market opens below 15,748, which could lead to a test of the 15,368 level. However, this strategy is only valid if the market closes above 15,748 on the day.

We also discuss a mean reversion strategy, which takes advantage of the belief that the market will eventually revert to its average price after reaching temporary highs or lows. This strategy does not change our long-term bullish outlook on the NQ, but it does provide a nuanced trading opportunity.

We also discuss some of the tools that can be used to implement these strategies, such as MNQ options on futures or Event Contracts. These tools can help to broaden the strategic palette and provide more opportunities for profit.

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