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Holding on to Winners: 3 Simple Rules for Maximizing Profits in Trading

I’ve talked a lot about the macro and technical environments on a longer-term chart or longer-term time and how it affects our abilities to do the right thing when we trader. There is no exact formula to this, but I have some simple rules that anyone can follow, three things that could help them get on the path to achieving the goal of holding on to winners. 

Understanding market forces pre-, during and post-trade is a critical key to becoming a better trader. Join NinjaTrader’s Tom Schneider, CMT and futures market pro Anthony Crudele as they share their opinions on current markets. Watch as they provide actionable, real-time trading examples designed to showcase the benefits of developing a trading plan. 

If you’re looking for insightful analysis to help hone your trading style, Develop Your Edge is a weekly “must watch”. Tom and Anthony will answer viewer questions and provide some “outside the box” thinking as they analyze and trade a host of futures products.

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