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10-Minute Technicals

10 Minute Technicals offers a quick and insightful overview of the latest market trends. In each episode, Anthony utilizes technical analysis to dissect the current market environment, providing viewers with concise anda actionable insights in just 10 minutes.
Latest Episode:

Market Forecast: The Week Ahead in ES, NQ, RTY, and 10 YR

In today’s episode, Anthony will dissect the market forecast for the upcoming week, focusing on the week ahead in key indices such as ES, NQ, RTY, and 10 YR bonds.Join us as we delve into insightful analysis on market trends, what to anticipate in these indices, and deciphering essential charts to guide your trading decisions. Gain key insights into market trends and chart analysis to inform your trading decisions. Tune in for essential guidance to navigate the upcoming week successfully.

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