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Range Expansion on $ES: Why I’m Bullish on the Breakout!

In this video, I’m breaking down exactly why I’m bullish on the breakout, talking range expansion on $ES and why I think that $ES is primed for a test of 5000.

When analyzing the market environment, I always look for three key scenarios: range expansion, consolidation, or mean reversion. Currently, the ES is showing signs of range expansion with a target of 4,974.

I explain my prediction and the indicators I rely on to support it. By utilizing Bollinger Bands, the 5-day SMA, and my Beacon indicator, I have identified a strong case for the ES reaching 4,974. 🎯

I also delve into the divergences of the RTY and NQ, highlighting important considerations for traders. Plus, I stress the significance of keeping an eye on ZN as a potential leading indicator for the ES.

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