EP: 192 Best Moments In March

Futures Radio Show
EP: 192 Best Moments In March


  1. Trading Volatility
  2. Women In Derivatives
  3. Global Policy
  4. Reg Tech
  5. Full Stack Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
  6. Institutional Digital Asset Trading
  7. Washington Policies Impacting Traders


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Guests: (7)

Euan Sinclair

Partner & Head of Research & Strategy Development at Talton Capital Management

EP: 185 Trading Volatility<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Jessica Titlebaum Darmoni

Founder of Title Connection

EP: 186 Women In Derivatives<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Jackie Mesa

SVP Global Policy at FIA

EP: 187 Global Policy<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Brian Clark

CEO of Ascent Technologies

EP: 188 Reg Tech<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Tom Flake

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Bcause LLC

EP: 189 Full Stack Cryptocurrency Ecosystem<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Steve Tumen

CEO of Deep Systems

EP: 190 Institutional Digital Asset Trading<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Kirsten Wegner

CEO Modern Markets Initiative

EP: 191 Washington Policies Impacting Traders<—Listen To Full Episode Here

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