EP: 86 What it Takes to Trade Natural Gas from an Elite Energy Trader

Futures Radio Show
Futures Radio Show
EP: 86 What it Takes to Trade Natural Gas from an Elite Energy Trader


Brynne Kelly

Brynne Kelly

Energy and Financial Markets Professional. Specializes in Electricity, Nat. Gas, and Crude Oil.

Dear Traders,

Today we have a professional energy trader whose managed multi-million dollar trading desks and has been a hedge fund portfolio manager specializing in electricity, natural gas, and crude oil. Her name is Brynne Kelly, and she has an unbelievable amount of experience as a trader.

She explains her daily process preparing for the trading day, why she prefers macro trends over technical analysis, and how to manage major price swings in the energy markets.

She provides incredible insight into the world of Natural Gas trading, and gives us her thoughts on the Clean Power Act and how she sees it all playing out.This is a must-listen-to interview for any trader that’s focusing their efforts around the energy markets, as we can all learn a ton of information from Brynne’s experiences.

Thank you for listening and Please enjoy this episode.

Biggest Takeaways:

  1. Why she prefers macro trends over technicals when trading energy products.
  2. How to manage price swings in energy markets.
  3. She explains the price discrepancies in the Henry Hub Natural Gas contract, and why Natural Gas price is so dependent on pipeline capacity. (Logistical Puzzle)
  4. Her daily process for trading Natural Gas.
  5. Her thoughts on why the bulls were wrong for Nat. Gas after the Clean Power Act, and how she sees it panning out from here.

Answers to the 4 rapid fire questions at the end of the show:

  1. Favorite Book About Trading:

Short: Cortright Mcneal

  1. Favorite Movie About Trading:

Show is Billions. Waiting for the movie: Equity.

  1. Best Advice Ever Received About Trading:

Always pay your house off first. Big runs don’t last forever. This business is full of up’s and down’s. 

  1. Advice to Give to Others About Trading:

Trading could either be a hobby or a career. Respect the amount of work it takes.

Relevant Charts:  

Gas and Power Cash Spreads:

Brynne 1

Gas, Ethane and Power Futures Spreads:

Brynne 2


Twitter:  httpss://twitter.com/BrynneandRic

Additional Interviews from Brynne:   https://energyfuse.org/energy-specialist-brynne-kelly-oil-gas-markets-twitter-new-trading-desk/

Favorite Book:  httpss://www.amazon.com/Short-Cortright-McMeel/dp/B0057DAEI8

Brynne’s email:  brynnek@bluetoneconsulting.com

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