Best Moments in October

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Best Moments in October



  1. Looking At The Markets Holistically
  2. Conditional Trader
  3. Floor Trader To Systematic Trader
  4. Trading Natural Gas
  5. Event Driven Futures Trader
  6. Statistical Models With Macro Forecasting
  7. Knowing Your Strategy

Guests: (7)

Awais Bokhari
Co-Founder and CEO of OpenTrader and Founder of
Looking At The Markets Holistically <—Listen To Full Episode Here


Larry Williams
Trader & Author
Conditional Trader <—Listen To Full Episode Here


Joe Wilkins
Founder & CEO R Best LLC
Floor Trader To Systematic Trader <—Listen To Full Episode Here


Brynne Kelly
Founder of the Fundamental Angle & Head of Research at Cornerstone Futures
Trading Natural Gas <—Listen To Full Episode Here


Brent Nord
Event Driven Futures Trader <—Listen To Full Episode Here


Joel Groen
Chief Investment Officer at 3i Capital Advisors
Statistical Models With Macro Forecasting <—Listen To Full Episode Here


Jeff Davis
Independent Trader
Knowing Your Strategy <—Listen To Full Episode Here


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