Intraday Order Flow Trading – MacroTactical

Futures Radio Show
Futures Radio Show
Intraday Order Flow Trading - MacroTactical

MacroTactical joins Anthony in a great discussion about using Order Flow to successfully day trade futures. The discussion begins with MacroTactical’s background and how he got started in trading, why he chose futures and ultimately chose the strategy of Intraday Scalping using Order Flow tools with a touch of Macro for a big picture bias on the markets.

Futures Radio is a weekly Futures Trading Podcast hosted by 23-year futures veteran and CME member Anthony Crudele, an ex-pit trader and one of the first to trade the E-Mini S&P. Each week Anthony talks with traders, CEOs, and other proven market participants about relevant trading and investing information. Past Performance is not indicative of future results. Derivatives trading is not suitable for all investors.

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