What If Inflation Isn’t Transitory?

Futures Radio Show
Futures Radio Show
What If Inflation Isn't Transitory?

Today Paul Tudor Jones was on CNBC and I thought what he said was pretty big news for the market. We’re all talking about inflation and whether it’s transitory or not, but hearing what the great PTJ thinks about the way the Fed is handling this was pretty interesting. He said that he doesn’t see the world the way do with inflation being transitory and they need to acknowledge the latest data or else he thinks it’s a green light, all in inflation trades. When asked what was the trade if the Fed doesn’t acknowledge that inflation may not be transitory on Wednesday and he said that Commodities could double or triple in some cases. This is coming from the best commodity trader of all time. In this video I go over what I’ll be looking for in the coming days and weeks in Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crude Oil.

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