EP: 197 Best Moments In April

Futures Radio Show
EP: 197 Best Moments In April


  1. Find a Theme & Leverage It
  2. Market Data Solutions
  3. Adapting To This Trading Environment
  4. Trading Energy Markets
  5. Trading Price Action
  6. Trading The Fed
  7. Let the Market Dictate Your Moves


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Guests: (10)

Adam Johnson

Founder & Author of Bullseye Brief

EP: 193 Find a Theme & Leverage It<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Mark Haraburda

CEO Barchart

EP: 194 Market Data Solutions<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Yra Harris
Independent Trader

Peter Boockvar
CIO Bleakley Advisory Group & Editor of The Boock Report 

MS: 29 Adapting To This Trading Environment<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Tracy Shuchart
Independent Trader

Anas Alhajji
Energy Markets Expert

MS: 30 Trading Energy Markets<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Fabrizio Jorio Fili

Prop Trader

EP: 195 Trading Price Action<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Danielle DiMartino-Booth
President of Money Strong, LLC & Former Advisor at The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Mark Yusko
CEO and CIO at Morgan Creek Capital Management

MS: 31 Trading The Fed<—Listen To Full Episode Here


Art Hogan

Managing Director & Chief Market Strategist at B. Riley FBR, Inc

EP: 196 Let the Market Dictate Your Moves<—Listen To Full Episode Here



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