EP 136: A Trader’s Mindset Is Their Biggest Asset

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EP 136: A Trader's Mindset Is Their Biggest Asset



Russ Rausch

Founder of VisionPursue

Record Date: 6/13/17


Hello Everyone, before we get started today I want to thank our sponsors CME Group and Trading Technologies.  Today I spoke with a man who was the 1st CFO for Trading Technologies, and then became the COO of a hedge fund. After many years of seeing success, he went on to start his own company that helps to improve the mindset for professionals in all industries.  His Name is Russ Rausch and he is the Founder of Vision Pursue.

[bctt tweet=”#FuturesRadio ‘Emotions are messages trying to keep you productive and safe. Let it pass, and get back into a mindful state, this is what we’re teaching elite athletes” username=”RussRausch1″]

Russ and I talked about the importance of the pursuit of your happiness and settling for a job that you are not happy doing.  We discussed how vision pursue measures a persons performance mindset and he breaks down the symptoms of having the average mindset. I have to say a lot of this hit home with me, because I’ve worked very hard to improve my personal mindset weaknesses over the years.  Russ talked about creating brain balance and finding the answers internally.

We then got into some practices you can do to work on your mindset.  Finally, since Russ works with professional Athletes in the NFL and MLB, we discussed the similarities & differences between a Traders mindset and a professional athletes’ mindset.  In all of my years as a trader the most important asset you have as a trader is your mindset.  There is no substitute to a good mindset.  I believe that the best traders can trade any type of strategy as long as they have the proper mindset.  I am taking a challenge by working with Vision Pursue for 60 days after this episode airs.

I am going to pay for the first 5 traders that email us at info@futuresradioshow.com after this episode to do it along with me and then come on futures radio show in 60 days to speak with Russ and I about how it has benefited us.  Russ is a an awesome guy who is doing something that I think the world needs.  I guarantee you will love this episode.  As always thank you all for listening and please enjoy this episode.


  1. Russ defines “Performance Mindset”. How they measure mindset (the way someone experiences the external world). He Breaks up typical workday into 4 categories. How much of your day is…
    1. Stressful and annoying
    2. “need to do it to get what I want”
    3. Escape, relief, or shutdown (drink, watch t.v., social media)
    4. Feeling good
  1. Reveals the symptoms of having the typical mindset…
    1. Re-reading because mind wanders
    2. Hard to be present
    3. Difficult to sleep
    4. Sunday afternoon blues
  2. Creating brain balance. Finding the answers internally.
  3. Explains Vision Pursue’s brain balance training:
    1. Life paradigm: What is your primary focus?
      1. Where I’m at now (A) – Where I want to be (B).
      2. Problem w. this thinking is B is promise land, happiness is in the future…not at A.
    2. Mindfulness: ability to be in present moment. Focus on process not the result.
    3. Meditation: daily exercises.
    4. Emotion: what is and why is there an emotion?
  4. Tells us similarities and differences between traders and athletes. Training the mind w/ the 4 elements above.
  5. Explains that emotions are messages. Let it pass and get back to process or current moment. Separate, embrace, evaluate.
  6. Reveals his new app. How to improve your mindset?
    1. Learn about: mindfulness, meditation, emotions.



  • “Emotions are messages trying to keep you productive and safe. Let it pass, and get back into a mindful state, this is what we’re teaching elite athletes…”27:20
  • “You have to take mindset training from theory to training, at the end of the day it’s what you’re going to do about it…”27:50
  • “Start learning about mindfulness and meditation, elite teams are using these to go to another level…” 29:03

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