EP: 105 The Pursuit of Abnormal Returns

Futures Radio Show
Futures Radio Show
EP: 105 The Pursuit of Abnormal Returns


Tadas Viskanta


Founder and Editor of Abnormal Returns

Adjunct Professor of Finance at Butler University

Author of Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere

Record Date: 12/13/16

Dear Traders,

Today I had a chance to speak with someone who has been involved in the financial markets for many years, and worked a number of different roles. He’s been an equity analyst, quantitative analyst, and also spent some time on a trading floor at one of the big banks. He writes a blog called Abnormal Returns. In a world where there is so much information out there, and so little time to read it, his blog has been a must read for me for almost a decade.  His name is Tadas Viskanta, founder and editor of Abnormal Returns.

Tada’s and I discussed the benefits of futures vs ETF’s, and chatted a bit about leveraged ETPs. I asked Tadas if traders should even be trading them without additional safeguards. His answers were interesting.

[bctt tweet=”Trading takes persistence and grit, it looks attractive from the outside. Make sure you are passionate about it…” username=”abnormalreturns”]

We talked about the past 20 years in the futures markets, and how far the technology has come. Tadas and I discussed the modern retail trader, and how their cost of operating as a professional is much less expensive. Also, how they have access to the same tools as a pro!  We capped off the discussion by chatting about the boom and bust of the Forex market.

Tada’s is a super guy who gives traders and investors an incredible resource with his informative blog Abnormal Returns.  I hope to have him on the show again soon.

Biggest Takeaways:

  1. ETF’s vs. Future’s vs. ETP’s.
  2. Managed Futures; benefits and opportunities.
  3. 24 hour markets.
  4. Forex boom and bust.

Rapid Fire:

  1. How has your trading evolved over the years?
    • Let the markets work more for you than you for the markets. Fit your trading approach to where you’re at in life.
  2. What is the number one resource you spend your time on?
    • Twitter and Stocktwits.
  3. Favorite Book About Trading:
    • Market Wizards, Jack Shwager.
  4. Favorite Movie About Trading:
    • The Big Short
  5. Best Advice Ever Received About Trading:
    • When in doubt, get out. Don’t spend much time worrying about a position that isn’t working out.
  6. Advice to Give to Others About Trading:
    • Know that most people getting into the markets aren’t successful. Know how to control risk. You must work hard and educate yourself. It’s a long process.



  • “Trading has moved toward algorithmic strategies, if you can learn to code there are many opportunities for you…”
  • “Managed Futures are a great tool to diversify your portfolio..”
  • “If you’re trading around the clock, then futures are preferable…”
  • “Trading takes persistence and grit, it looks attractive from the outside. Make sure you are passionate about it…”

Relevant chart pertaining to guest’s comments:

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