Trade What You See, Not What You Think

Another weekend of reading blog posts of people telling me why I should be bearish the stock market. These traders have been wrong for months and in some cases years! Yet they seem to have some of the biggest followings and social interactions on twitter. I believe this is the case because some traders are searching for validation for their reasons to be short the market. I am in no way disrespecting these traders as I read their posts because I have a ton of respect for them. I actually agree with a lot of their reasons as to why the market should go lower, but as a trader it’s all about the execution of my idea, not the idea itself.

I too have been bearish many times this year in the S&P and actually as I write this post I am looking at some possible short setups in the coming days. Over the past year or so I have made money on some of my swing shorts and lost money other times, but I trade a strategy and I am not just shorting because I think we are overbought or we shouldn’t be up here at these prices. I should note that my strategy is based on hourly or daily closes therefore my hold time is probably much shorter than the traders that are writing these bearish posts.

I trade what I see, not what I think. If I traded what I think I would not be trading anymore because I’d be broke. I think that it’s important for the traders that are reading these bearish posts to understand their time frame of execution vs yours is probably very different. You as a trader need to be true to what you do and don’t let other traders ideas get you away from your strategy.

Getting back to traders needing validation….my strategy is all the validation I need. I trade for myself and I make money for me and my family. I believe that

I have to have the idea for my trades or else I will not execute with confidence. My advice to traders is don’t look for validation of trade idea by just reading posts that agree with your ideas.

Also read posts that may disagree your ideas and then make your own decision. I believe this is a major problem with more than just trading these days, its also in our politics. People only read and watch political shows that enforce their thoughts instead of listening to both sides of the aisle and making the best decision. Not only do I believe you will be a better trader by having an open mind, the future of our world will also be better.

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